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“Our goal is to support our community by providing free access to seeds and to share information about the
time-honored tradition of seed saving. We believe seed libraries foster community resilience, self-reliance, biodiversity, and a culture of sharing. Together we can build a free and accessible source of locally-adapted seeds, supplied and cultivated by and for Murrieta area residents.“

How it Works!


Step 1: Choose up to five (5) varieties of seed

Step 2: Complete a seed library application (bottom)

Step 3: Log your borrowed seeds

Step 4: Take home the seeds and begin growing

Step 5: Harvest a few seeds if possible

Step 6: Return them to the library, and fill out a return slip

Step 7: Log your return in the seed library binder

Step 8: Repeat.

You are now part of a grassroots movement to get our community growing!

A Look at the Seeds in the Collection


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Individual Donors:

Barty Robarge

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